Island Pantry is a local shop focusing on fresh and natural products. Nutrition and giving people healthier and cleaner choices is something we are proud of. We feature house made sourdough bread and baked goods as well as fresh pasta, our locally roasted coffee and craft beers, organic and biodynamic wines. Our values include but not limited to:


Responsibly sourced. Not explicitly organic but sourced in a responsible way that maintains integrity of product or ingredient. Everything has a place and purpose.


Focus on traceability. We work closely with our suppliers and producers to ensure we know exactly where it comes from and how it is processed. We believe in our relationships between producer and consumer.


Supportive of the small business or family owned.


Balanced for mind, body & soul. Sometimes it’s a salad and sometimes it’s a piece of cake. Balance is key for overall health and happiness.


Community driven. Inclusivity and highlighting local products and artisans.

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